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Sounding Lead posted its initial Watch Lists in 2007 and continued as the years go by with a revised name: Wish Lists. Wish Lists continue for the new year 2017.

  1. The Transformation of Philippine Maritime Education and Training (PhilMET) from qualification based to competency based (http://www.mymetsolutions.ph/2016/12/08/the-need-to-transform-philippines-met-regime/). This wish appears for the first time!
  1. EO 566, its wisdom, if any, maybe understood (Since 2007). The EO 566 was signed with the aim in view to put a stop to all the shame, indignities, irregularities, anomalies in the licensure examination. The Supreme Court issued a TRO on the implementation of Malacanang’s EO 566 and CHED’s CMO 21. This stays in our list on its 10th year and for the last time.
  1. Cadetship, a springboard towards providing future Marine Officers, that every vessel enrolled in POEA for manning maybe mandated to provide berth for Cadets (Since 2007). Cadets of today, if well selected, maybe trained and provided with experience to serve as the source of future Management Level Officers. Nothing concrete happened so this will stay in our list on its 10th year. The wish includes the responsibilities of maritime schools to provide berth for their cadets.
  1. The Philippines as Maritime Training and Assessment Capital of the world (since 2007). The Philippines has been enjoying its status as the Manning Capital of the World; the challenge of going beyond and becoming the Maritime Training and Assessment Capital of the World is on. This may as well be a challenge to the leadership of Philippine Association of Maritime Training Centers, Inc. (PAMTCI). This stays in our list on its 10th year and for the last time.
  1. Manning may evolve to Ship Management (since 2007). With all of its challenges and confusion, the experience of the Philippines is more than enough to evolve its manning business to Ship Management where the return is more than ten times as in manning. We have seen positive developments in this area recently. This stays in our list on its 10th year.
  1. Philippine Ship Registry becoming the preferred flag registry in the world (since 2007). The Philippine registry is definitely NOT growing. This stays in our list on its 10th year.
  1. Less if NOT zero maritime disasters in Philippine domestic waters (since 2007). Maritime disasters in Philippine waters keep on menacing us again and again and again. This year, many domestic vessels were grounded for safety standards reason, a very good development. Our soundings continue and this wish stays in our list on its 10th year.
  1. Filipino Seafarers as the world’s best (since 2008). Filipino seafarers are the number one in the world in terms of supply, however, nobody is claiming yet that the Filipino Seafarers are the world’s best. We are still taking soundings. This stays in the list on its 9th year.
  1. From “Blame Culture to Safety Culture” (since 2009). That the Philippines’ maritime culture may evolve from blame culture to safety culture. This will mean that all concerned particularly the authorities will focus on solutions to prevent maritime incidents/accidents from happening again via new policies, standards, and realistic rules and regulations. This stays in our list on its 8th year.
  1. “NO TO ANY FORM OF CORRUPTION”! (2014) This is a written policy displayed where they can best be seen all over Malacanang Palace, The Senate, The House of Representatives and all government agencies and offices. This appeared for the first time three years ago! This stays in our list on its 3rd year!

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

— Alvin Toffler, futurist.

PEACE, SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS ahead of us all in 2017.

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