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Examination and Assessment Division

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The Examination and Assessment Division of MARINA is a division under the STCW Office and its functions are stipulated in Section 6.6.3 of the IRR of RA 10635.


For purposes of accuracy the whole 6.6.3 of the IRR of RA 10635 is quoted below:
“Section 6.6.3 – Examination and Assessment Division;
The Examination and Assessment Division, through its Division Chief, shall ensure that:

  1.  All examination and assessment procedures are appropriate and compliant to STCW, as approved by the Executive Director;
  2. All regional and remote examination and assessment offices and institutions are properly coordinated and monitored for compliance with STCW;
  3. Ensure that all ongoing examination and assessment of competence are conducted in an orderly, efficient and simple manner;
  4. Policies and procedures for examination and assessment of all seafarers are properly coordinated and synchronized with their respective Boards; and
  5. Acts as Secretariat of all the Boards.”

Discussions and Clarifications


     The Examination and Assessment Division (EAD) shall be headed by a Division Chief, the qualifications of which have NOT been defined. Therefore, this shall be subject to the reasonable and professional judgment of the Exec Director. The EAD is tasked to ensure that all examination and assessment procedures are compliant with STCW as approved by the Exec Director.

     The STCW requirements for examination and assessment are for most parts stipulated in Reg I/6. If procedures are to be considered under the letters and spirit of STCW, examination, and assessment almost always are conducted immediately after and in accordance with approved training programs. STCW have NO provisions for a Licensure Examination and/or Board Examination!


     If we are going to review the provisions on examination and assessment of competence as per relevant provisions of the STCW, we will realize that the examination and assessment must be in accordance with the training objectives. The training objectives must be in accordance with the required knowledge and skills per mandatory competence. The mandatory competences are appropriately specified per function.


To demonstrate the required procedures of assessment let us examine an example:

Section A-II/1

Specification of minimum standard of competence for officers in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 gross tonnages or more

Function:     Navigation at the operational level
To assess the specific: Plan and conduct a passage and determine position, the STCW methods for demonstrating competence is specified in Column 3 above.

There is NO Board Examination or Licensure Examination specified.

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